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pictured: Crescita VIII. Roma
by Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio

Scott Gibbons music
Chiara Guidi voice, vocal score
Monica Demuru vocal interpretation
Claudia Castellucci vocal interpretation, timpani
Romeo Castellucci video and direction, Tragedia Endogonidia

Co-produced by RomaEuropa and Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio. Photo credit: Andrea Boykowycz.

"C'est de l'imprononcé que la forme prend corps. La tragédie, c'est l'art du silence."
- Romeo Castellucci

In the colossal work, Tragedia Endogonidia Romeo Castellucci has chosen to single out moments or objects or sounds or gestures to show them as developments stemming from the original work, like outgrowths that, for one brief instant, would have an independent life. As if one looked through a magnifying glass to make the features bigger and draw particular attention to them, to focus on what could appear to be fleeting in the performance itself. Highly dependent on the place where they will be shown, these performances, called "Crescite", throw a particular light on this unprecedented threatrical experience.

Crescita VIII. Roma has been further developed as a new work entitled The Cryonic Chants.