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teatro anatomico infantile

by Chiara Guidi and Scott Gibbons

Scott Gibbons music
Chiara Guidi text, direction, dramaturgy

Agata Castellucci
Rascia Darwish
Tommaso Muto
Marta Orlandi
Eleanora Ribis

Co-Production: Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Santarcangelo 39

Photo credit: Lewis Hine.

( children's anatomic theatre )

Teatro Anatomico Infantile is made by a group of children, from seven to twelve years old, grouped in a small house in the town center of Santarcangelo. There, with doors closed, there's an experience of manipulation with devices, effects and simple matters which will be made bigger just like it happens with a microscope, until loosing the real dimension of the same house. By touching, unscrewing, tearing and disassembling the outside shape of the object under consideration, children can discover what it hides: its anatomy. Outside the house there's Scott Gibbons, a musician who processes, in real time, voices, noises and sounds produced in the intimacy of the actions performed into the house. These processes maneuver and transform the whole enthusiasm of each sound motion into an harmonic unity.