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madrigale appena narrabile

by Chiara Guidi with Scott Gibbons
a Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio production

Claudia Castellucci texts
Scott Gibbons music
Chiara Guidi direction, dramaturgy
Eugenio Resta violoncello

voices and articulations:
Marco Andreetti
Angela Burico
Alessandro Cafiso
Mara Cassiani
Agata Castellucci
Eva Castellucci
Teodora Castellucci
Maria Costantini
Rascia Darwish
Gabriella Maria Gasparri
Simona Generali
Diego Invernizzi
Margareth Kammerer
Sabina Laghi
Sandro Mabellini
Sara Masotti
Caterina Moroni
Alessandra Pasi
Eugenio Resta
Eleonora Ribis
Gregorio Valducci

Photo credit: Francesco Raffaelli.

and an unknown dog moves towards me at its height

Madrigale Appena Narrabile combines choral singing with recitation and musical developments of innumerable vocal connections. In this 21st century madrigal, the text becomes barely tellable, just before or after silence. Simple words, profoundly attentive to those that are left, after everything. The musical score is woven around simple, brief texts that develop the theme of a fortuitous encounter with a dog. The syncopated phrasings move around an expression similar to sobbing, just as a lament is characterized by chopped off phrases, and its integral sense is restored by the symphonic wholeness formed by fluid voices, by interruptions of the flow, by dumbfounded silence, by delaying, waiting, by the ability to bounce back, by blocked voices, by shouting and whispering. It is not the complete range of a crying voice, but the completeness of a sentence in its truth.