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New Wave/Power Electronics band. The diverse musical interests of the group's members resulted in songs that equally embraced Yello and Kraftwerk on the one hand and Throbbing Gristle and Suicide on the other. Distorted analogue synthesizers and effected guitars alongside goofy tape loops and cutups forged a unique schizoid sound that was capable of being simultaneously humorous and sinister.

They would go on to greater successes with Strawberry, whose 2002 debut CD contains several songs from this early period (Princess, Little One), and who continue to perform many of these songs into the present (Happiness, I Just Can't Help Myself).

The last several Laughingwind albums came to be (re-) released in the early 90's under the name LILITH, which showed greater production by Gibbons in a more abstract direction. These can be found in the LILITH discography section, and include Taboos of the Lashing Creeper, Some Modes of Probability, and Mantle.

Fuck Me
2.9MG | 3:00
unreleased version
Senses 2
5.6MG | 6:06
from Mantle