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La Face Cachée du Soleil

Christophe Berthonneau direction
Groupe F creation and realization

Laurent Dehors music
Scott Gibbons music
with Chiara Guidi sonic dramaturgy
Eric Travers music

voices and articulations:
Marco Andreetti
Angela Burico
Alessandro Cafiso
Mara Cassiani
Agata Castellucci
Eva Castellucci
Teodora Castellucci
Maria Costantini
Rascia Darwish
Gabriella Maria Gasparri
Simona Generali
Diego Invernizzi
Margareth Kammerer
Sabina Laghi
Sandro Mabellini
Sara Masotti
Caterina Moroni
Alessandra Pasi
Eugenio Resta
Eleonora Ribis
Gregorio Valducci (FRANCE):
"Éclairer le Roi-Soleil pour explorer sa part d'ombre..."

to each light there is a shadow

At the Fountain of Neptune, historically-inspired scenes portray the royal court at Versailles. Firebirds, palaces, and all the decor go up in smoke with the crackle and blaze of pyrotechnics.

Gibbons' score utilizes vocals that were recorded during the development of the course of specialization in molecular vocal technique directed by Chiara Guidi, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Cesena (2006-07).

Production: Château de Versailles and Groupe F

Photo credit: Thierry Nava