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la flamme de mes rêves

Christophe Berthonneau direction
Groupe F creation and realization
Scott Gibbons original music

Christophe Berthonneau, Eric Noel, Elise Thiebaut (FRANCE):
"Il revêt la forme d'un ballet nocturne, de couleurs, de flammes, d'effets pyrotechniques, de personnages oniriques et de prouesses techniques, qui enchantera le célèbre lieu."

Production: Pont du Gard and Groupe F

Photo credit: Thierry Nava

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They are costumed with light, play with flames and with fire, fly through the air, walk on the water and project their most secret thoughts on the landscape. Who are they? The Regardons! This new species - half human and half flame - can transform space. In 2007, they put on an amazing light show at the Pont du Gard. They liked the place and they're coming back again like migrant birds. Perhaps they have chosen to return to reproduce? In any case, their dance of love and fire, their successful or missed meetings and their magical or scientific experiments form the opening of a saga that traces the myths and fantasies of the Pont du Gard: Lux Populi.