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dialogo degli schiavi

by Claudia Castellucci
a Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio production

Claudia Castellucci ballad and recitation
Scott Gibbons music and arrangement
with the musical collaboration of

Stefano Bartolini

the ballad is a didactic genre...

The testimonial value of ballads, often used by religious enthusiasts, by partisans or by those consumed by life, constitutes performance in the first person by one who wrote them or who has experienced the same climate of the facts. The elementary music that accompanies the words has the task to highlight the text, also unadorned and didactic.

Dialogo degli schiavi ("Dialogue of the slaves") is a ballad that Claudia Castellucci wrote and plays in the first person, confirming the characteristics of the genre. The text promises to regress into a state of primitive perception of things, where the habits appear to emerge as foreign, after a long sleep. It makes room for a suspension of judgment that stands the well-founded concreteness of things, as objects of an objective view.

The Ballad makes a gradually sloping down on the experiences of everyday life on the discovery of a reality that is sinking and then bounces on the surface of departure. The ruthlessness with which it penetrates the usual gestures, optical lenses progressively more powerful, focus a reality that is revealed by lucid hallucinogenics, starting from the shores concrete and real phenomena, metaphysics leads to a collocation of the same, that does not contradict, indeed matches the primitive materialism of human perception.