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l'autre monde : les empires du soleil

Christophe Berthonneau direction
Groupe F creation and realization
Scott Gibbons original music

Fireworks displays, figures of light and animated images transfigure and reveal the space, setting the Neptune fountain ablaze and making Versailles a launching pad towards the Other World of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Production: Château de Versailles and Groupe F

after the book by savinien cyrano de bergerac

Groupe F revisits the work of Cyrano de Bergerac and proposes a modern fairytale based on his 17th century science-fiction novel: Comical History of the States and Empires of the Sun and Moon. It describes a journey into an imaginary world that sometimes resembles our world: on his journey to the Moon and then the Sun, the anagrammatic narrator Dyrcona experiences comic and cosmic adventures that are the point of departure of the show. Around this character who writes his adventures "in letters of fire", five adventures are organised, five explorations that revisit Versailles from the viewpoint of Cyrano de Bergerac: a lunar voyage, a solar voyage, a terrestrial voyage, a celestial voyage and an interior voyage.

Exploration is the connecting thread of these scenes which feature Dyrcona and his acolytes, mythical or cosmic humans and animals. In the Moon, the dreams collide and interrelate, marvellous machines are invented before our eyes and open up other possible worlds, other dimensions, other explorations. In the magical setting of Versailles, which was built in Cyrano de Bergerac's lifetime, L'Autre Monde proposes a modern fairytale that brings together the world of yesterday and the worlds of tomorrow: at a time when space travel has become a reality, when black holes threaten to swallow up the world, and when the Earth itself is being transformed by human interference, the time has come to explore our own dreams and give them a chance to transform reality.

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