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adam & the ants

1 9 7 7 - 1 9 7 9

Scott Gibbons
as Adam Ant

Chris DeZutter
as Matthew Ashman

Weasel Walter
as Dave Barbe

Dylan Posa
as Andy Warren

Kris Hengl
as Jordan

with special appearances by Fred Armisen, Rachel Creager, Billy Smith, Jeff Ward, and Jefferson Wilson

Photos taken from video by Jay Cookson.

"I'm a zerox machine."
- Adam Ant

Lexicon Magazine (AUSTRALIA) :
"It is 1978 or 1998, not sure which. You are in London, or maybe Chicago, either one. A four man band is out in front. The lead singer has an oh-so-nasty four letter word scratched into his back. The word is barely legible because of the blood, and the singer is barely intelligible because he is screaming the lyrics, trying to be heard over the full speed guitar, bass, and drums. Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the birth of Adam & the Ants, or just an incredible simulation thereof."

Chicago Tribune (USA):
"Adam & the Antz aren't content to merely play their idols' songs. They've set a more formidable challenge for themselves: to re-create every show the original Adam & the Ants played, 20 years later to the day, down the last detail, including identical costumes and original set lists. Take their second gig for example. The original Ants were thrown offstage at a show at London's ICA; the Antz had no choice but to have the plug pulled during their performance on the same date at the Museum of Contemporary Art... They even send out the Ants' original press releases as their own... But when you're engrossed in their spot-on renditions of early bondage-inspired classics like "Rubber People" and "Weekend Swingers," and realize that you can't tell if a bandmember falling off the stage is a real accident or a meticulously choreographed recreation of a mishap from 1978, you can't help but become a believer."

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