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lilith | mantle

"The beats (when they exist) are phat, the guitar is distorted beyond any hope of recognition, and the groove is smooth. Plus, on the second side, it settles down into nice, very spacey ambience." (Hyperreal)

Recorded live May 1991.

1991: White Noise, WNCS 11 (ltd ed. 100 cass) as Laughingwind
Re-released on Le Gros Bit Ici: 1993
excerpts appear on Continuum Asorbus (Sub Rosa): 1992
and on Barillet no. 3 (l'Arsenal éditions): 2007

side 1
  1. red room
  2. senses i
  3. eff mie
  4. noctinn
  5. dorf
  6. brize
  7. senses ii
side 2
  1. tage
  2. lauv
  3. pesse
  4. mantle

from the cutting room floor:
  1. pesse ii