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nekton falls | (compilation)

Includes an original excerpt from the sonic library of Tragedia endogonidia.

2006: Sonic Dragon (3xCD)

track artist title
CD1-01 Intro_V01
CD1-02 Clemens Presser & Fietsche Einselbock Flaschenpost
CD1-03 Interlude_V01
CD1-04 Yannick Dauby Cetaean Lethargy
CD1-05 Interlude_V02
CD1-06 Gianfranco Grilli Organic Transformation
CD1-07 Interlude_V03
CD1-08 Mischgewebe That Which Swallows Transfixed Pivotements While Pursuing The Descendent Past The Tawdry Veil Of Das Synthetische
CD1-09 Interlude_V04
CD1-10 Blaerp Plankton State
CD1-11 Interlude_V05
CD1-12 Hypersleep Dandelion Dreams
CD1-13 Outro_V01
CD2-01 Intro_V02
CD2-02 Seetyca Benthos_A
CD2-03 Interlude_V06
CD2-04 Error Kffx
CD2-05 Interlude_V07
CD2-06 Nerthus The Inharmonic Heater
CD2-07 Interlude_V08
CD2-08 Niki Neecke Funnyfoodfactory
CD2-09 Interlude_V09
CD2-10 Herpes Deluxe Tran
CD2-11 Interlude_V10
CD2-12 Etheocles Stevens Feed-Back Recycling
CD2-13 Interlude_V11
CD2-14 I:Wound Waiting For The New Flesh
CD2-15 Interlude_V12
CD2-16 Scott Gibbons and Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio C01.AE.alt2.010702
CD2-17 Outro_V02
CD3-01 Intro_V03
CD3-02 The Oval Language [Untitled]
CD3-03 Interlude_V13
CD3-04 Frans De Waard Klankschap #10
CD3-05 Interlude_V14
CD3-06 Mnortham Quelques Mtres Du Glacier D'orny
CD3-07 Interlude_V15
CD3-08 Roel Meelkop Thanatos Springs
CD3-09 Interlude_V16
CD3-10 Franziska Baumann Birsay
CD3-11 Interlude_V17
CD3-12 Mick Harris aka Lull Just Below Wixford
CD3-13 Interlude_V18
CD3-14 NID Tower Of Babel
CD3-15 Interlude_V19
CD3-16 Mathias Grassow The Earth Rocks
CD3-17 Interlude_V20
CD3-18 Serge Devadder Nivose
CD3-19 Outro_V03